Your relationships are worth MORE THAN MONEY! (Here’s why!)

If you spend most of your time being concerned about getting paid right away from people you’re missing the point. When you help people and add massive value and contribute to their Journey forward it’s worth more then a $29 beat lease.

you just need to understand the levels to the game. Let’s say you help somebody with a free beat, and then that song actually connects and makes an impact in the music world. If you’re cool with that person you’ll have no problem getting paid.

if you denied that person and then they used a different beat and blew up you’re off the radar. you need to understand the value of the relationships you are building because you never know when something is going to connect. Look at Lil Nas X as a perfect example.

What do you think about creating valuable relationships versus getting the bag? Drop a comment below and let’s talk about it!

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