What is the difference between soft skills and hard skills?

Most of what you know you’ve learned from somewhere. Skills are the colors that paint the portrait of who we are as people. Some people are better at things than others and that’s normal. What’s important to note is the fact that everything can be learned and practiced until they become a main feature of our personality.

Hard skills are the tangibles. The things you actually do. Tasks that you perform like cleaning your house or sorting file folders. Michael Jordan’s hard skills are a clean shot from the 3-point line or a smooth layup from left court. Michael Phelps has his breath control and Gordon Ramsey is good with a knife.

Soft skills are a little different. They are principles and practices that are a little less tangible. Things like the ability to comfort someone during trying times, or communicating complicated ideas to people with no experience in the field. Letting go of an employee or confident public speaking. They are things that can be practiced but you’re exercising a different muscle.

Although these ideas are very similar in nature being that they are all things you can get better at over time the biggest difference is the hurdles you’ll encounter. With hard skills I literally mean physically moving your body rather, with soft skills you have to overcome your own thoughts, fears, and insecurities to reach your goal.

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