Watch this if you want the PERFECT fan acquisition sales funnel! (Industry Secrets Revealed)

After doing 86 shows in one year for one artist I work with we realized we weren’t doing things right. The biggest thing we noticed was the lack of measurable growth in our fan acquisition.

We were spending all this time and money trying to reach new people through various live venues by performing our music and literally none of them converted into long-term fans.

If you or your business is struggling with this same thing you may benefit from the lessons I share in this video. The biggest one being, implementing, testing, and adjusting a live sales funnel.

The hardest thing we had to deal with was nurturing our customers online experience. we were always looking for the fastest way to the money and in doing so we were draining our own bank accounts. What we realized was the importance of relationship building and leveraging that relationship to provide valuable Solutions.

If you are facing this challenge drop a comment below and let’s talk about how you can improve your own customers online experience when they find you.

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