This strategy will help you HYPER TARGET your audience and maximize your marketing efforts

If you are struggling with reaching the Right audience understanding three Core Concepts will help you target exactly who you need to reach with your message.

The first question is what is the job of my message, music, product, or service?

The next question you need to ask is who needs this job?

In this video I cover the third question which is where will this job be done? Knowing the spaces that need your message, music, product, service, or brand will help you define an audience so you can effectively put a contextual message in front of them.

Use that message to build a relationship with your potential fans or customers and how’s that relationship of sends you will find the perfect opportunities to offer the products or services that will help that audience.

Drop a comment below with the job of your product and let’s brainstorm some ideas for who needs that job and where that job happens!

As always Rebels, stay up and