This one simple trick will help you attract a HUGE audience!

Most brands or companies Center their focus in their marketing efforts around benefits and features of a product. Doing this means you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Instead think of how your product, service, brand or music defines another person. How does it shape who they are, or how does it tell their story?

Those questions are what people use to make purchasing decisions. If you want an effective marketing campaign you need to think about more than just the features or benefits of your product. In this video I talk about how you can figure out the symbols icons, colours, fonts, and anything else that might Define who you are trying to reach.

If you actively use these elements in your marketing campaigns you will be communicating to your audience on the same level as body language. And I’m sure as you know, 90% of our communication isn’t actually the words.

If you need help outlining the types of elements your company, brand, product, or service can use to define your audience and attract the right people drop a comment below with a link to your website. Let’s start a conversation and see where it leads!

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