This buzz-word will ACTUALLY help you engineer VIRAL CONTENT!

If you are looking for the secret to engineer viral content this might be the best step forward in the right direction! people are consuming content in different ways with the Advent of the internet but it doesn’t change the core reason why people are consuming content.

There are two major reasons why people consume content. The first reason is that people are looking for ways to improve themselves through various forms of Education. For example reading a book, magazine, or blog related to something they have a passion for.

the second reason people consume content is escapism. They want a way to shut down their brain and concentrate on something that distracts them from the stresses in their life.

If you take both of these principles and combine them to deliver content related to your brand it offers such massive value to your viewers that they almost instinctually have no choice but to join your “CULTure”.

drop a comment below with the core message of your brand and let’s talk about ways you can both entertain and educate your audience!

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