The Secret To Getting More Sales!

After a decade and a half of Sales Experience I have discovered that there is ONE SECRET to selling ANYTHING to ANYONE!

If you’re struggling with selling you might need to re-frame your thinking. Before you meet with a potential client try crafting a good story about your solution based on something that will connect that person to what you’re offering.

You see, the biggest problem most sales people deal with isn’t actually selling. It’s connecting with other humans. You’re not there to “trick” someone into buying your thing, rather, you’re looking for ways to help other humans. If your thing doesn’t help that person move onto the next one.

There is no way to force someone to take action (within the space of the law) but there’s ALWAYS a chance to influence them if you have something they need. Sometimes they don’t know they need it, and other times they have options to explore. The story you share should be relatable memorable and impactful. That way, you stay inside their focus when they move into the decision making space.

Drop a comment below if you’re experiencing any of this and let’s see if we can get to the bottom of why you aren’t seeing conversions on your digital activities!

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