STOP trying to convince people to buy from you! (Little Known Sales Secret)

any time you spend trying to convince somebody that they need your product is a waste. If your product is is you believe in your heart it is, people won’t need convincing. So how do you sell your thing then?

Easy… All you have to do is spend your time looking for the right people instead of convincing the one. As you find people who like what you do your community will grow. As that community gets bigger you will have more people to support what you do.

Spend more of your time developing a good product, and looking for feedback to make sure that what you think is in fact the reality in that space.

The fastest way to take as many shots as possible at building that community is buy actively targeting people in the right spaces with the right content.

How are you currently reaching the Right audience for your thing? Drop a comment below and let’s talk about it!

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