Reach your goals through your ACTIONS (A Conversation with Joel Leetzow)

Sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing and THAT’S OK!

If you take your time, follow your intuition, and do something that you feel passionate about you’re going to find your way. Joel Leetzow is a perfect real life example of sticking to your passion and following it all the way through.

A lot of people like to talk the talk but most are too afraid to start walking even if the path is laid out for them. Planning is only a small part of the equation. The only way you get to where you’re going is if you actually take the steps. You have to LOVE THE PROCESS if you you’re going to do something meaningful for your whole life.

Looking back at the life and times of Joel Leetzow uncovered the essential discipline he developed in the military. In combination with his Rebel nature to stand out and do things differently he became an unstoppable force. From a small startup and a $70k loan he build a foundation that lead him down an executive path of success.

We talk about all the valuable nuggets he learned along the way and how you too can find your place in the grand scheme and live a purposeful and rewarding life. Give yourself permission to stand up and start walking towards your own oasis and you may be surprised how easy it actually is to find happiness in what you do.

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