Overcome your FEAR of SALES for good!

There’s a big difference between selling something and helping someone. If your frame walking into a pitch is to convince a person to buy something you’ve already lost the sale before you open your mouth. People don’t like to be tricked or duped into doing something so we have a natural defense against it. Call it your personal BS meter.

You can fake your confidence, you can be a real smooth talker, you can even have a deep knowledge of the product you are selling but none of it will defeat the stench of someone who doesn’t care about the person they are selling to. So now what?

There’s no secret magic trick to selling someone something but I can offer you this very important tidbit. CARE ABOUT THE PERSON YOU ARE TALKING TO. Like, genuinely. Be honest with yourself first and decide if what you have actually helps people. If it does hen all you have to do is show it to the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Create a series of simple qualifying questions that will help you determine if the person you are talking to needs the thing that you have. And, no I don’t mean trying to figure out ways to convince someone they need something because everyone needs you latest and greatest. I mean actually knowing who needs what you have and getting it to them from a perspective of honesty, integrity, and intent to help. Because you CARE.


You have nothing to be afraid of now. Go out into the world and HELP PEOPLE!

Just ask questions and listen.

What do you think of all this? If you have any questions or comments drop ’em below! Don’t be a stranger. A rising tide lifts all ships so let’s work together to #ElevateYourCompany

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