Modelling What Works vs. Becoming A Copycat

Remember when you got made fun of for “copying” someone? Don’t feel ashamed. It’s human nature to MODEL WHAT WORKS!

When you observe others you are basically chipping off tiny parts you find admirable. Whether you are aware of it or not. Pay attention to the moments when you’re admiring someone. There are traits or mannerisms that you’ll soon begin to adopt as your own.

This is totally normal, in fact, its NECESSARY for growth. If you didn’t model things that worked you’d still be crawling around on all fours as your primary method of transportation. You’d still be eating with your hands. And you’d be wearing diapers that someone else had to put on you.

Modelling what works on a personality level is great for personal development but there are other REALLY POWERFUL ways to incorporate this skill in other areas of your life including your business or professional roles.

If you see a great sales person watch what they do. If you admire someone in a position of power don’t judge them, instead, watch what they do and choose the best qualities to implement in your own character. As you integrate these high level qualities into your own personality you’ll begin to see real results that will lead you to a happier life.

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