Mastering the social code in business (Secrets Revealed)

If you’re finding it hard to integrate into the social groups in your office or professional world chances are it’s because no one told you this one secret.

In this video I cover the topic of “Social Currency” and the two types of people who trade in it.

In any social setting there are “Givers” and there are “Takers”. With groups of friends these roles are easily interchangeable and everyone goes with the flow taking their turn to be either on at any given time. Sometimes people tend to get stuck in either role and it changes the social dynamic without them even knowing.

If someone becomes a Giver of value and never stops to accept value they tend to get “taken advantage of” quite frequently. On the other hand there are people who end up getting stuck in the “What’s in it for me?” paradigm often isolating themselves and appearing to be selfish or rude.

If you find yourself in a social disparity this video will help you find out why, and it will offer you tips and tools for what you can do to change it.

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