Jay Samit on the Keys to Radical Disruption | Impact Theory

Jay Samit has developed disruptive solutions for brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Microsoft, and he has helped grow multi-billion dollar giants such as LinkedIn and eBay. Serial disruptor, Jay Samit discusses why problems are the solutions to the world’s challenges in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


Jay talks about removing limiting boundaries and overcoming issues of trust. [2:58]

Jay recounts the unconventional start of his first company. [5:14]

Jay shares a simple exercise to help increase insightfulness. [9:47]

Tom and Jay discuss the importance of teaching entrepreneurs how to build companies. [14:45]

Jay reveals how money is actually created. [17:59]

Tom and Jay explore the notion of not being afraid to fail and learning a new skillset. [20:16]

Jay talks about solving problems and writing your piece of the story that changes the world. [22:56]

Jay walks through how he identifies problems and uses other people’s money (OPM) to launch business solutions. [29:15]

Jay explains why leveraging relationships is critical to making insightful connections. [35:17]

Tom and Jay discuss classic mistakes entrepreneurs make. [39:41]

Jay describes how automation and telepresence is changing the world. [47:11]

Jay defines the impact he wants to have on the world. [50:57]

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Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Every piece of content Impact Theory creates is meant to underscore the company mission to free people from The Matrix and help them unlock their true potential. Impact Theory exists to inspire the next generation of game-changing companies and creators that will make a true and lasting impact on the world.

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