How to defeat “Ad Fatigue” by using story telling as the vehicle for your message

Are you struggling with connecting with new customers because of “Ad Fatigue”? In this video I talk about how to defeat “Ad Fatigue” by using story telling as the vehicle for your company message.

Try embedding your marketing message inside of a story. You can use stories as a vehicle to drive people from one place to another. Think of point A as the problem they’re having and point B as your solution. Using the story you can identify with people on a personal level and help them see how amazing your solution is.

Think in terms of Beginning, Middle, End. In the beginning people have a problem with something and they haven’t yet found your solution. The middle is how, when, and where someone would find you. The ending is what happens after their problem is solved thanks to you and how amazing life is now that they aren’t suffering from that problem.

When you use stories to engage with your audience you create opportunities for REAL AUTHENTIC engagement. That gives you a HUGE competitive advantage because it humanizes your company. Once you have attention you can build rapport through the engagement and eventually re-target the people who engage with you with a new message.

Using your value ladder you can craft a HIGH VALUE, low cost offer that will tip the scales for a new customer. Make sure you add as much value as you can because the competition is tough and you really want to stand out.

Drop a comment below if you’re experiencing any of this and let’s see if we can get to the bottom of why you aren’t seeing conversions on your digital activities!

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