How I discovered the black art of cult branding | Rob Howard | TEDxStLawrenceCollege

Customer engagement is key for the success of your business and Rob elaborates on ways of reaching such engagement.

Over my 20-year marketing career, I’ve worked with brands big and small around the world. Some have become dependent on traditional forms of marketing and are mired in mediocrity, while others emphasize engagement and succeed in forging cult followings of loyal fans and customers. 5 years ago, I set out to unlock the genetic code of the world’s most coveted, cult brands. I emerged enlightened, helped found a marketing firm (Cult Collective), a think tank, a global summit (The Gathering), and wrote a book (Fix: Break the Addiction That’s Killing Brands) to help enlighten others. I think emerging marketers and business leaders would find what I’ve discovered enlightening too.

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