Have you heard of this SECRET way to sell beats online?! 😯

In this video I sit down with a real producer who has Beats to sell but no idea how to sell them. I outline the simplest, most direct form of a sales funnel that I’ve actually used myself in the past to build up an email list of over 400 rappers in under a day.

if you take this idea and implement it today I can promise you you will begin to sell Beats within your first week. the problem most producers have is that they haven’t taken time to outline their value ladder and how they can help rappers.

Most producers are always looking to “Secure the bag” and never grow because they are too focussed on what they get out of it. Once you realize that you and your Beats serve rappers, you can begin to build deep, long-term, meaningful relationships that will be fruitful for both you and the artists you work with.

If you need help outlining your value ladder and how you can add value and build relationships drop a comment below with a link to your Beats. Let’s talk about how you can get in front of the right artists!

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