Take Death Seriously: Are You Really Living Your Life?

Two things remain true and are unavoidable in life; Death and Taxes.

Are you really living your life or are you hiding from it? There are many things we can be certain of, among them is the inevitability of change and the uncertainty of death. We are all evolving and drifting towards rolling the credits at our own pace.

How much of your life has been circumstance and chance? The choices we make every day reflect the life we have. The experiences you have are meant to be lessons for you to share as your own contribution to our evolution.

Are you serving yourself or are you focused on creating something more? Challenge yourself to look beyond your own horizon and tap into the collective consciousness that holds human kind together.

The more you serve your world the more it gives back. The same is true on the other side of the coin. The punchline is this…

Do your best to leave people better than when you found them and the favor will be returned in kind.

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