Advancing your career by networking with Cari Whyburd

Meeting new people seems intimidating and daunting for some. You may find yourself asking questions like; How do I reach the right person? What do you talk about? How can you make an impression on someone?

These questions can quickly put up a wall between you and your objective and if you’re not careful you could end up paralyzed on a plateau. Cari Whyburd and I talk about how easy it is to create spaces for dialogue if you bring value to the table, and what to do if you don’t think you have enough value to open the right doors.

Don’t get yourself caught in the quicksand of questions and over analysis paralysis. Invest in yourself, raise your social capital and start giving without expectation. You’ll forever change the landscape of your career trajectory or business relationships when yo create better habits and allow yourself room for growth. Stop judging yourself and get out there and change the world with your Brand!

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