7 Steps to build a business around your passion

Use this modern business blueprint to outline and build a business around your passion.

Start by writing down things you REALLY enjoy. I know it seems like an overly simplified way to get started but the bottom line is you need to commit to something. Writing it down and ranking them will help you see a clear picture of how you want to live a fulfilling life.

Once you’ve ranked the things that make you happy in life give yourself permission to talk about what you love. Share it with the world and see how they respond. Don’t do it for your friends and family, do it for someone you may meet that would have a question about the thing you know a lot about. Remember the humanity behind the devices.

Set aside all of your own judgement and focus on sharing your experiences and what you love to talk about. Take constructive criticism but ignore the trolls. Focus on helping people discover the thing you love. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re not going to get a million dollars just because you shared a video. You need to keep going and stay the course.

Eventually you’re going to spot opportunities in the problems people are facing inside of the thing you are passionate about. When you find ways to provide solutions for people inside of your community you increase the value you bring to the table. Once you find a way to bring a solution to people you’ll be able to get paid for it. Viola! You’re in business.

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