As an evolving landscape is constantly changing so are the inhabitants. It’s important to be a practitioner in the climate of an always moving environment. Basically, I practice what I preach so the strategies are tried, tested, and results driven.


Everywhere you go that you are likely to encounter a chance meeting with someone has it’s own set of unwritten rules. A code of conduct if you will. The rules vary from place to place but if you’re a frequent flyer it’s easy to pick up on the subtleties of each of the different sub-cultures you travel to. It is important to have an understanding of each of the “Venues” you visit.


Let’s say you meet someone for the first time in one of these “Venues”. What are you more likely to do? Grab your pamphlet and stuff it in their face while you ramble on about all the ways your Brand can help them? Or, is it more effective to extend a fist bump and ask a few questions first? Marketing in a SOCIAL environment requires a little finesse. You need to treat your content as if it was a fist bump and a question rather than a raving lunatic with a flyer.


Timing is everything. Knowing what to say is crucial but knowing WHEN to say it is the foundation for your advertising success. Structuring your Brand Value and understanding how to build value with someone in a digital environment will make the difference between your business flourishing or closing the doors for good. Once you establish your Brand Identity and bring massive value to your audience through the content you provide they will come crashing through your doors.