10x your marketing with the SECRET politicians use to WIN ELECTIONS! (Is It A Conspiracy?!)

There is a little known phenomenon occurring right now on the internet called a confirmation bias. This basically works because the algorithms that are social media operate on continue to serve you content you engage with.

If the only content you engage with is XYZ then all of the platforms you interact with will serve you XYZ to keep you there. why do they want your attention? Because somebody is paying them to advertise to you.

Politicians use this strategy to create small bubbles of confirmation bias related to their political cause. This is how the last two presidents have won their seat.

Imagine if you had that power in your strategy…

Well… YOU CAN!

You can use the same tools they are using to reach the Right audience with the right message and capture them inside of your bubble.

Do you think this is just a conspiracy theory or is it actually possible to Community around you using this strategy? Leave a comment below.

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